123575 Essay


1 . The people of numerous cultures often times have different thoughts about the contact between: (A) God and man; (B) the individual as well as the group; (C) the resident and the state; (D) liberty and expert; (E) all the above

2 . Which with the following happen to be deep composition institutions inside the U. S.? (A) family, community, religious beliefs; (B) ideals, beliefs, behaviour; (C) Coca Cola, GENERAL MOTORS, Ford; (D) city, express, nation; (D) A and B; (E) A, B, and C

3. Profound structure institutions and their emails: (A) endure; (B) are deeply experienced; (C) source much of a person's identity; (D) B and C; (E) A, B, and C

4. The most basic unit of society is: (A) the citizen; (B) the panel; (C) the family; (D) power; (E) control

5. Which from the following is not a aspect associated with changing definitions from the American family? (A) monetary changes; (B) religious threshold; (C) technologies; (D) demographics; (E) sexuality roles and opportunities for females

6. Precisely what are the two qualities of globalization most in charge of changes in relatives structure? (A) mass media and migration; (B) free trade and substance economic opportunities; (C) advertising and smooth economic prospect; (D) fragmentation and recognition; (E) fragmentation and migration

7. The functions from the family include: (A) duplication; (B) economical; (C) socialization; (D) values and religion; (E) each of the above

almost 8. Which in the following is usually not a function that the family contributes to? (A) identity; (B) communication proficiencies; (C) monetary; (D) indoctrination; (E) socialization

9. Which usually of the next is true about cultural variance in friends and family interaction: (A) all major corporations of a culture are tied together; (B) individual family members within a tradition vary; (C) gender tasks are controlled by change; (D) B and C; (E) A, B, and C

10. In U. S. culture, guys are socialized to be: (A) successful, intense, nurturing; (B) sensitive, nurturing, concerned with appearance; (C) good, aggressive, self-reliant; (D) powerful, self-reliant, concerned with appearance; (E) sexual, growing, and interdependent.

11. With this country, customarily, children start to see the father get served initial at meals, get the initial bath, and receive nods and profound bows in the rest of the family members. (A) Asia; (B) India; (C) Arab saudi; (D) U. S.; (E) Mexico

doze. Which with the following holds true about individualism and collectivism? (A) the majority of cultures will be primarily much more the additional; (B) many cultures add a mixture of both the; (C) collectivistic cultures encourage individual gain; (D) individual cultures support the notion of private contribution for the greater great; (E) A, B, and C

13. Individualistic civilizations are stuck in households through: (A) emphasis on freedom; (B) emphasis on autonomy; (C) encouragement of self-actualization; (D) A and B; (E) A, N, and C

14. Households in collectivist cultures tend to offer their members all the following other than: (A) long term support; (B) emotional reliability; (C) a feeling of belonging; (D) a sense of self-reliance

15. Fairly speaking, the extended family is a major affect in all from the following civilizations except: (A) sub-Saharan The african continent; (B) Portugal; (C) U. S.; (D) Mexico; (E) Puerto Rico

16. The first institution to bring in children to the notion of age-grouping is: (A) advertising; (B) family members; (C) lifestyle; (D) religion; (E) community

17. Approval or rejection of aggressive behavior is: (A) consistent across cultures; (B) a good example of ethnical differences; (C) mediated through culturally-mediated childhood experiences; (D) A and C; (E) B and C

18. The initial settlers with the U. T.: (A) were predominantly Western european; (B) helped bring with them selected Western european values; (C) brought with them the European system of law; (D) brought with them the standard organization of commerce that was common during the 16th century; (E) all...