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UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE WORLDWIDE EXAMINATIONS General Certificate of Education Advanced Subsidiary Level and Advanced Level

ENGLISH LANGUAGE Daily news 2 Formula Additional Elements:



October/November 2010 2 hours

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BROWSE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST If you have been given a response Booklet, follow the instructions within the front cover of the Guide. Write the Centre number, candidate quantity and identity on all of the checking you turn in. Write in dark green or dark pen. Tend not to use favorites, paper fasteners, highlighters, glue or static correction fluid. Response one issue from Section A and one query from Section B. You are reminded of the requirement of good British and very clear presentation within your answers. Towards the end of the evaluation, fasten your work safely together. Your concerns in this paper carry similar marks.

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2 Answer one question via Section A and a single question via Section N. You should create between six hundred and 900 words for each composition.

Section A: Narrative/Descriptive/Imaginative Writing one particular Write two contrasting items (between 300–450 words each), the 1st about a place before a flood and the second comparable place after having a flood. In your writing build a sense of mood make.


Write the opening chapter of a new called Get away from the Town, in which a narrator describes her or his experiences of moving to a rural place. In your composing create a feeling of the narrator's outlook and mood.


Write a short story referred to as The Problem. In your producing create a sense of mystery and uncertainty.


Envision you will be flying substantial over a particular landscape. What can you see? Exactlty what can you hear? What do you feel?

Section B: Discursive/Argumentative Writing

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‘The United Nations is an ineffective company and an expensive luxury. We must move on. ' What do you think?