A Message to Garcia. Review Essay

" A note to Garcia”

Based away from an event that took place through the Spanish-American conflict, " A note to Garcia” was written by Elbert Hubbard to sermonize work integrity and compliance. It was not but two days before President McKinely's " war message” to congress that the leader needed to establish contact with the Cuban General, Garcia. Ahead of declaring war, President McKinley met with Colonel Arthur Wagner, head in the Bureau of Military Brains for the usa, to ask " Where can I find a man to transport a message to Garcia? ” General Garcia was somewhere within the mountains of Emborrachar leading rebel troops within their fight for independence. No one realized his location. Colonel Wagner simply answered, " I have a man- a officer, Lieutenant Andrew Summers Rowan. If perhaps anybody can have a message to Garcia, Rowan can. ” Col. Wagner stood prior to Lieutenant Rowan, " Young man, you must bring a message to General Garcia, who will be seen somewhere in the eastern element of Cuba…You need to plan and act for yourself. The task is yours to make and your own only. ” Without doubt Rowan shook the Colonel's hand and left to find Garcia. Sealed in Rowan's oilskin sack, he headed towards the Mountains of Cuba. Within four days this individual landed off the coast of Cuba, then disappeared in to the jungle. Three weeks later on he came out the other side from the island with all the message provided. " A Message to Garcia” has sold over 40 million replications and is continue to used by armed service leaders to model exemplary work ethic. Not any man who has endeavored to carry out an business where a large number of hands were needed, yet has been well-nigh appalled at times by the imbecility of the common man -- the inability or perhaps unwillingness to pay attention to a thing and do it.

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