Activity Evaluation Essay

We. Preliminary Details

A. Term of activity: Snow Band

B. Components of the task

1 . Take a toothpick to combine both the styro tennis balls to create a snowman. Repeat this step for two occasions. 2 . Connect the regions of the snowman (face, electric guitar, microphone, banner, Christmas tree, gifts and bears) applying any kind of staying solution. several. Scattered some glue everywhere over the stage from the snowmen then sprinkle a few glitters. 5. Insert the four content at the 4 corners with the stage. In that case attached the colored papers around the stage of the snowmen to function as wall protecting. 5. Take any paper that has Christmas-y designs. Then simply cut out eight circles of desired size. 6. Fold all the sectors of conventional paper in half.

several. Stack groups on top of the other person, wrap a length of thread all the way surrounding the stack, therefore it runs along the fold. Tie up ends collectively at the top of stack to generate. 8. Fold and happen paper portions, so paper starts to supporter out. on the lookout for. Using a warm glue or school stuff, place the glue about one-half of the method up to the the top of circle, externally edge. 15. Fold the facing flaps together and press for getting the glue. 11. On the next group of friends, place the stuff about 1/3 of the method from the bottom. doze. Continue this kind of all the way about, alternating high and low glue dabs. 13. Knot ends of embroidery line together to create a hanging trap. Then hang up. 14. Finally, switch on the sunshine placed above the stage applying you thumb and index finger by pinching a little bit.

C. Measures of activity being assessed

1 . Reach

2 . Understand

3. Discharge

D. Products and products necessary

1 ) Styro foams

installment payments on your Glue

a few. Designs (guitar, face of a snowman, mic, colored papers, banner, papers and bears) 4. Xmas design conventional paper

5. Scissors

6. Standalone thread or perhaps ribbon

Elizabeth. Environmental Framework

The working place for this activity can be done inside the OT workshop or any room that is suited to arts and crafts activity. There must be a table and chair intended for the patient to make the activity...