Agenda-setting theory Essay

The Vhong Navarro Overload: Media's Saturation with the Case and the Agenda Setting Theory

This paper looks at the influence from the media for the importance the general public place on social issues. It seeks to consider just how media categorizes topics and exactly how the focus placed on a particular issue helps it be appear crucial to the public than other things. Such system can be viewed in the light with the Agenda-Setting Theory which will be developed later with this paper. Additionally, to understand this better, it can be examined through relating this with a more tangible sort of its application that is the Vhong Navarro-Deniece Cornejo-Cedric Lee circumstance which has just saturated the media inside the latter times of January 2014 and provides essentially left other concerns of national importance diminishing in the background. 1st, we look at how Agenda-setting theory runs and how that explains the media effect on how people assign importance on phenomena. This theory by Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw was described by Bernard Cohen (as cited in Cox, 2014) who stated that the mass media has " …its ability to mentally purchase and organize our world for people. In short, the media might not be able to show what to believe, but they are amazingly successful in telling us what to think about. ” You will find two basis assumptions which usually consist this theory. Initial, it posits that " …the press and the multimedia do not reflect reality; they filter and shape that. Second, that suggests that the " …media concentration on a couple of issues and subjects qualified prospects the public to perceive individuals issues while more important than any other issues” (University of Twente, 2013). McCombs and Shaw (as reported in School of Twente, 2013) contends that this mechanism works in such a way that it not simply shows all of us what to think about but as well who and what to consider it and in many cases what to do about it. This really is done through two levels: (1) " the transfer of...

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