Agro Travel and leisure Essay

Examining the Feasibility of Agro-Tourism Creation in Ceylon (veraltet) Case Study from the Fruit Plant Research and Development Centre, Horana simply by

D. A. C. Silva, Senior Lecturer,, Department of Economics, Teachers of Artistry, University of Colombo and K. C. Vithanage, MEcon Student, Department of Economics, University of Colombo


Tourism is among the largest as well as the fastest growing industries on the globe economy. Tourism industry is additionally the fourth maximum foreign exchange generator of the overall economy in Ceylon (veraltet). Furthermore, agro-tourism, which is a fresh dimension of different tourism advancement to the traditional mass travel, will have great potentials with manifold for you to develop Ceylon (veraltet) tourism sector in lasting manner. Agro-tourism is component to rural travel and pertains to tourism about farms, farms and house gardens. Cultivation has always been deeply related with the social, cultural and monetary aspects of Sri Lankan record.

This kind of study known the major determinants of both equally supply and demand factors of agro-tourism in Ceylon (veraltet) and estimates the feasibility of endorsing agro-tourism if you take a case examine. This case analyze was the Fresh fruit Crop Research and Development Center situated in Horana, and on the demand part at the Air-port departure launch. Feasibility from the location was measured by assessment tool, which was developed by Sustainable Tourism Pty Ltd in Queensland, Australia. Because the outcome in the potential index of the analysis tool is definitely positive, the researcher has developed the hypothetical sustainable travel and leisure destination having a stakeholder research. The demand area survey was carried out through face-to-face interviews. The interviews were designed to get details including trip characteristics, around the social and economical background of the participants, and along with that an option Experiment was carried out. The analysis was targeted to carry out a contingency value method with identifying the...