Objectives Of The Study Dissertation

п»їObjectives from the Study

Standard Objectives

The primary objective of our program is always to create three different interfaces of each device to one GUI (Graphical Consumer Interface). They are the targets; 1) to create a friendly user program. 2) To preview/display an result to the software. (It referred to as it a Monitored Weathered System with Surveillance Camera, the program contains 3 devices that placed on the modele; the camera, wind speed and blowing wind direction. ) 3) Generate the repository for the records of information in the devices. We would like to create plan that will be helpful to the person that manage the machine by the instantly gathering the data's.

Certain Objective

1 . To design a GUI of the Quadcopter monitoring system the forms and report are included. 2 . To develop a method that can work with for wi-fi weathered monitoring and security. 3. To check the following:

The functionality of the program should be precise to the prototype. The reliability of the system should not be postponed it should punctually or up to date. And it may accurate to assemble data towards the devices. The efficiency of the system must be reliable for the user to make use of the system. The system should be in the standard process it should be user-friendly. The effectiveness of the program should be fully working.

some. To revise our software we established our own top priority for studying the program initially is the efficiency if the program has a problem we must have an action towards the functionality of the system since it is the most important pertaining to system in the event the program is definitely not working well. Second is definitely the accuracy if the system is late we must adjust the time we set to each of our program that we code. The efficiency in the event the system is certainly not reliable, it should reliable for the personnel that manage the device so that it may be more valuable and useful. The standardization of the system if it is certainly not in normal procedure it must be revised to adhere to the standard functioning procedure for the...