American Wish - Newspaper 3

John Salvatore


American Studies

twenty eight February 2012

American Desire

The American dream is something that is pertinent in our life. People strive to get hold of this desire throughout their very own entire life. However , the American dream could be different for each person depending on what they value and think is important to them. In the book Walden by Henry David Thoreau he feels that everyone will need to live as simple as possible since life is even more about obtaining your interior self rather than material belongings. Contrasting Thoreau's American fantasy in the book The truly great Gatsby by F. Jeff Fitzgerald, the key character The writer Gatsby is focused on materials possessions wonderful wealth. Both of these dreams are incredibly different from each other because there is no correct answer as to what the American wish is.

As Henry David Thoreau put it, " I have discovered this, for least, from my test: that in the event that one developments confidently ?n the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with successful unexpected in keeping hours. ” To many persons the American dream means having a good house, youngsters, and cash but Thoreau did not need any of that. Thoreau desired to enjoy the straightforward things in life that most persons do not possibly notice. The moment Thoreau relocated out in the woods close to what is at this point called Walden Pond he built himself a cottage with his bare hands. This individual enjoyed building the cottage and moving into it every night. His thought for living out in the woods was and so he would write comfortably without the distractions in the outside universe. To Thoreau one of the most important things in life can be self-reliance. People should not ought to rely on another individual in order to live or even to have fun. Thoreau was able to find a lot of things out in the woods that kept him occupied, one particular thing was he liked to listen to the animals outside the house or even enjoy ants maneuver around on the ground. To the majority of people these matters may seem simple and ridiculous but to Thoreau ants...

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