An Unforgettable Recollections Event: Watching a Live performance Essay

An Unforgettable Memories Function: Watching a concert


My memorable memories event was seeing my favorite performer group: Very Junior's live show. For me, a 16 years-old student during those times, it was therefore excited and unimageble to me to see the best idols with my own eye. I actually couldn't sleeping easily in the night before.   On that time, I was bubbling with excitement and gone straight to the venue──Taipei Market. When I first reach the location, I was shocked because of a superb of audience of people presently there. It was really a surprise to me that lots of people were also their followers like me and many of them had been at the same age group like me. Once we got in and sit down our own seats, the lighting were turned off and the staff anouced which the show was about to begin. And all the enthusiasts there lit up on their Sapphire Blue mild stick, which is Super Juior's symbolic color, and the place was filled with this color, like a natural blue marine under the moomlight. When singers started to sing, fans sing with them and scream the slogan between the lycris loudly and with one accord. That made me truly feel their energy and soul. Most importantly, once i finally found the singers with my own, personal eyes, my own heart nearly leaps away with enjoyment! I saw those who were constantly on the vimeo or TELEVISION, now they are stand in front of you vividly! This couldn't identify how fired up I was in that case on the newspaper, but it even now stay in my mind with hd till right now.   Many people think that go to a concert to get idols is definitely stupid and it is making observe for the star, nonetheless it was still a special mempry to me. And that noticed me personally that if you like a performer or a group, you should go to one of their very own concert to feel how their live show bring you and you will by no means get disappointed. It will be an amazing memoris ever before in your lifestyle!