Anaylsis of the chicken ceremony Essay


Is a Chicken Ceremony a irrational belief, or would it be a dinner?

Why are birds important in the Village Vallejo del Singular? The Village Valle de Sole is found in one of the most isolated parts in Italy, therefore people living there are quickly influenced by the lore that is certainly going around the full village. For instance , throughout the new, it is shown how important the rooster symbolises to people " He previously a fight with his neighbors about a rooster. His neighbour came over with a shotgun, they began shouting and screaming, and pom! the next thing you know, his hand is gone” (Ricci 20). From this incident, it can be deduced that even a creature such as a poultry could be regarded precious because of their superstitions during that era. Every single little action can be considered irrational including the chicken ceremony which Vittorio secretly conducted him self without the familiarity with anyone. On the other hand, this rooster ceremony can be viewed a an evening meal because there is simply no proof the chicken service actually performed and Cristina did not especially followed Giuseppina's details of executing the chicken ceremony inside the barn. ​First of all, when Vittorio previously sends his mother towards the hospital, he took of what's left in the barn and decided to continue his mother's job. Since he overhears the ​​​​​​​​​​​​2

Chat between Cristina and Giuseppina, he knows of how to handle it next in the ceremony. In addition, out of affection, Vittorio sets his wish in this chicken ceremony as he thought that by doing this, they can save his family and makes it not to end up being marginalized by the villagers again and wishing for a new existence. Vittorio is actually very irrational when he is conducting the chicken wedding; he literally made a gruesome sacrifice because " turned your head back towards pyre so it could watch the sacrifice of the nether part” (Ricci 118). For a 7-year-old boy being as cruel as to pain an animal as it is inhumane even for childrens to let dead animals...

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