Duty of care ensures that all Health insurance and Social treatment professionals and organisations featuring Health and Interpersonal care companies, must work in the best interests of the persons they support/work with as well do almost everything in their power to keep the persons they support from injury and exploitation as a career you have an obligation to act just within your own competence and not to do anything you are not confident with, it can be what underlies the requirements of practice and it should be built into the practise on the day to day level. Exercising the duty of care is likewise a legal necessity, and is examined in courtroom in the event of a case of negligence or malpractice. Aii

People have the right to expect that whenever a professional is providing support, they shall be treated reasonably, respect is given, they will be kept safe and not subjected to any unnecessary risks rather than to be neglected. Having a obligation of proper care towards people you use is certainly not unique to social treatment, this includes any person from tutor to doctor. Thinking about the work of proper care you owe to the people is helpful when you are planning your day to time work in Into the Social sector It causes you to consider whether what you plan to do is in the best interests from the person you are working with. This is not no more than physical hazards you also have an obligation of treatment to treat individuals with dignity and respect and to treat anyone as a person.


Case study

There are many troubles when exercising my own duty of care and upholding Mrs Ahmed's directly to choose. Mrs Ahmed can be well within her right to choose the foods she eats even if this clashes her diet needs. However I have a duty of care to Mrs Ahmed, I would motivate Mrs Ahmed to eat far better foods and explain why and what foods would benefit her dietary requirements. If Mrs Ahmed has the mental ability to make decisions for himself, then I simply cannot refuse to receive what she is asked for in her buying. Bii