Assignment several. 1 Ccna Labs two Essay

Project 3. you

Router Prompt Physical exercise on page 56


User EXEC router>

Privileged EXEC router#

Global settings #configure

Line Configuration (config-map-class)#

Interface Configuration (config-if)#

Router Settings (config-line)#

3-2 Basic Settings Exercise

1 . Router(config)#hostname AUS

2 . AUS(config)#enable pass word class, AUS(config)#enable secret class 3. In the event both are configures, the allow secret pass word can be used. The enable pass word command is ignored. Therefore , you do not need to configure the two. The enable password remains to be supported by the IOS for legacy purposes. 4. AUS(config)#line console zero, AUS(config-line)#password carbonilla, AUS(config-line)#login, AUS(config-line)#exec-timeout 30 0 < -- - optional, AUS(config-line)#logging synchronous < - - optionally available. 5. AUS(config)#line vty '04, AUS(config-line)#password carbonilla, AUS(config-line)#login, AUS(config-line)#exec-timeout 30 zero < - - recommended, AUS(config-line)#logging synchronous < - - recommended. 6. AUS(config)#service password-encryption

7. Assistance password Encrption is used to encrypt each of the passwordsВ available in the settings. For ex: if you are having enable username and password, pap, chap password in ur settings. then In case you turn on service password security it will encrypt all the security password. (enable security password, pap, chap passwords)В В В В The enable top secret command delivers better protection by storing the enable secret password using a nonreversible cryptographic function. The added layer of protection encryption delivers is useful in environments the place that the password crosses the network 8. Router(config)#int s0/0

Router(config-if)#ip talk about 192. 168. 10. 1 255. 255. 255. zero

Router(config-if)#clock rate 56000

Router(config-if)#no shut

Router(config-if)#description Link to ISP

9. Router(config)#int fa0/0

Router(config-if)#description Accounting LOCAL AREA NETWORK

Router(config-if)#ip talk about 192. 168. 20. you 255. 255. 255. zero Router(config-if)#no shut

10. Router(config)#В router rip

Router(config-router)#В network ip-address


12. present startup-config order

13. Problem

14. Titled ping the number

Show Commands Physical exercise

1 . display ip software brief | exclude unassigned

2 . demonstrate interfaces

a few. (config)=ip path or present ip route

4. Demonstrate memory

a few. show running-config

six. Flash recollection is used to store the images with the IOS and NVRAM is used to store the startup construction file 7. show history command or perhaps individually together with the up arrow or ^p command. When you have examined a previously entered command, you are able to move forward within the list with the down arrow or ^n control 8. demonstrate history command You can also erase the word left of the cursor with ^w, or erase the line with ^u.

Finishing the Setup Exercise

1 . Table on content Command Information, cdp holdtime, cdp run, cdp timer, clear counters, clear counters hub, clear counters segment, configure, copy tftp, copy xmodem, databits, debug memory read, debug memory write, delete nvram, description, disable, permit, enable password, end, exit, help, hostname, hub, interface, ip address, ip default-gateway, ip http port, ip http server, ip state, line console, parity, password-thresh Etc…………………….

2 . Show interfaces or show running-config

several. Description R1 Fa0/0 is usually connected to SW1's FA0/11 user interface 4. Deb

5. Press Return to get started.

This is series 1 of the banner

This is collection 2

Don't wreak havoc on my router, under penalty

The banner ends once i type the dollar signal, like this

End user acess Verification



6. Configure terminal, R1 (config)#ip, R1(config)#^z, R1#pingR2-fa

7. The host desk defines a static name-to-address mapping within the router. This kind of host desk enables you to Telnet to the router defined in the host desk by thier name that is defined in the table. To...