Essay regarding Becoming a Teenage Mom

Becoming a teen Mother

At the age of 19, instead of partying and getting together with my friends, I had formed to become a mature and liable adult. On October the 25th I acquired the most surprising news a teenage girl could ever envision. There was numerous thoughts experiencing my mind, I was scared, anxious, shocked and did not know very well what to expect using this situation. What will my family and friends consider me? My local freinds and I built a bunch that we can never have children. I shattered our key society code as we might have called this. Becoming a young mom would be the most important life lessons experience during my life that contribute to the strong woman We am today.

On Apr the twenty second 2006 for 4: 13 and 5: 17 i am my whole world changed I gave birth two beautiful untimely baby women. I was pumped up about bringing two new lives into our planet, but on the other hand, I was very much scared of such a responsibility. I was a baby myself most I could think about was the things i am going to perform. I was exercising BWI air-port as a cashier barely paying the bills. I was also still enrolled at Catonsville Community College. Becoming a teenage parent at the age of nineteen, essential a lot of grown up decisions to be produced at an extremely fast pace. These decisions I actually made was important because they would have an effect on the future for myself and my children. I could no longer hang out with my friends; it was school home and caring for my two children. I had to locate a better work quick to compliment my children and each of our other budget. Still zero lucky finding a new task, I continued to act as a cashier. Every day following school I had formed to get the tour bus to work, my hours were coming from 2pm till 10pm. After a long day time in school and immediately gonna work on my own feet always, my tasks didn't end once I arrived at residence. My cal king girls would be waiting for me personally each night up and alert, with hardly any idea how tired I had been. Many times I actually also had homework and studying to complete after...