Boss Tweed Essay

ISSUE five

Did Bill M. Tweed Corrupt Post - Civil War New York?

YES: Alexander B. Callow, Jr., from your Tweed Engagement ring (Oxford School Press, 1966)

NO: Leo Hershkowitz, via Tweed's New york city: Another Appearance (Anchor Press, 1977)


CERTAINLY: Professor senior of history Alexander B. Callow, Jr., insists that by exercising a corrupting affect over the city arid local government, as well as more than key elements in the business community, William M. " Boss” Tweed great infamous " ring” removed enormous sums of ill-gotten money for his or her own profit in post-Civil War Ny

NO: Mentor of history Leo Hershkowitz portrays Tweed as a devoted public servant whom championed Ny City's hobbies during his 20-year career and whose reputation while the image for urban political problem is largely undeserved.

Within the eve from the Civil Warfare, the United States remained primarily a rural, arcadian nation. In the country's 23 million residents, 80 percent were characterized as " rural” dwellers by U. T. Bureau from the Census; just 392 " urban” places (incorporated towns with 2, 500 or more residents, or perhaps unincorporated areas with by least 2, 500 persons per sq mile) speckled the countrywide landscape; a mere nine U. S. cities contained masse in excess of 75, 000. By simply 1920 the population of the United States had more than tripled, and for the 1st time in American history a majority of those residents lived in towns. The number of spots defined as " urban” had increased to 2, 722, and sixty-eight cities encased over 90, 000 citizens each.

Following 1865 the growth of metropolitan America was directly linked to the economic and technological adjustments that developed the country's industrial innovation, as well as to speedy immigration, which will filled the country's cities with what seemed to native-born Americans to become a multitude of foreigners from over the world. Reflecting lots of the characteristics of modem America, these professional cities developed a number of...