Essay regarding Bowling Exclusively, Chapter 1

1 . 13. 03

Response Paper #1

In the 1st chapter of Bowling Exclusively, Robert M. Putnam claims that in the last several many years community groups have decreased in quantity and among the groups continue to in existence account is low. Yet he also says that Us citizens now have additional time on their hands. Could this kind of be the effect of our world's rapidly changing technological skills and is this new technology decreasing one's cultural capital?

I believe that it was as a result of events in the past that triggered community organizations to be an extremely large business in the past. For example , The Great Despression symptoms and Ww ii brought the American citizens together for help and reliability on one another. The people that experienced and survived all those events started and participated inside the great number of community groups in the 50s and sixties. Likewise in 2002, the tragic celebration of Sept. 2010 11th helped bring together a nation that seemed all of a sudden on its way back in the days of communities, however that only seemed to last a couple of months. January 14th's New York Occasions stated which a committee conference for what to accomplish on Ground Zero showed many bare seats. Why did this kind of tragic function not bring together as much the communities such as the tragic situations of the earlier? I think our technological progress is to blame for this.

There are plenty of options today for individuals to occupy their leisure time. Yes, there were many choices in the past for individuals, however they mostly involved categories of people. For example , the basketball league, sports activities leagues, etc . Now nevertheless , when people have got free time, they can enjoy themselves alone by watching TV or perhaps movies or perhaps go on the web, for example. Gets the internet then pushed people farther apart or experience it brought people together? I do think it could be viewed both ways.

Kids sit for hours and hours during the night staring at their computer screens, talking in AOL Instant MessengerВ® regarding nothing using their friends, writing emails, or looking up information on their favorite...