BSHS 335 Week some Individual Assignment Maintaining Dissertation


Freddie Anderson

BSHS 335

Doctor Lanigan

Preserving Ethical Criteria

April 13, 2015

Keeping Ethical Specifications

I selected the case of Emily and Lois. Emily and Lois griffin got married in San Francisco as a result of same sex marriage laws and regulations. They later on moved out of Washington dc to a point out the exactly where same love-making marriage has not been legal and are also now suffering from discrimination. They've been threatened simply by various persons in their new community, which includes Emily's parents. Utilizing Iva, Emily and Lois could actually have a young child. Emily's mom and dad are trying to gain custody of the child since they do not go along with Emily's lifestyle and think Emily and Lois will be unfit to raise their child. Emily and Lois griffin seek help and support through a counselor as they encounter their concerns associated with same sex relationship and their child.

If I placed personally in the counselors shoes, an ethical issue is by philosophy vs . the state of hawaii law. I know do not have any problem with same sex relationship. Although My spouse and i consider my personal self to a law remaining citizen, I would have sympathy for Emily and Lois griffin. Before I can help this kind of family We would make it clear to them what they are up against. I would personally explain to the couple that they will be not entitled to benefits that they may have been in their previous point out such as taxes benefits, retirement living, health, and social protection benefits. In addition to being excluded coming from benefits, I might let them know they just do not have protection from discrimination. I would personally ask them the actual expect to step out of counseling and determine if their expectations will be achievable. We might then work together to set desired goals that will help meet their expectations. I would recommend diverse strategies to support their family understand all of them. If defeated with popularity from loved ones, a group period including Emily's parents will be recommended Other choices that could be reviewed with Emily and Lois are both moving into a state that...