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Total time—2 hours

Question you

(Suggested period — forty minutes. This kind of question matters one-third with the total composition section report. ) The passage below is a great excerpt by a spiel delivered in Boston in 1832 simply by Maria W. Stewart, an African American mentor and copy writer. Read the passage carefully. After that write an essay when you analyze the rhetorical approaches Stewart uses to convey her position.








Few white colored persons of either love-making, who happen to be calculated

for virtually any thing otherwise, are willing to spend their lives and

bury their abilities in executing mean, empresse labor.

And such is the awful idea that I entertain improving a life of servitude, that easily conceived of there being not any possibility of my personal rising above the condition

of any servant, I would personally gladly originate death as a welcome

messenger. O, terrible idea, certainly! to possess respectable

souls aiming after large and honorable acquirements,

yet confined by chains of ignorance and poverty

to lives of continual drudgery and toil. Neither will i

know of any who have rampacked themselves simply by spending their very own lives as house-domestics, cleaning windows, trembling carpets, cleaning boots, or perhaps tending after

gentlemen's tables. I can nevertheless die intended for expressing my

sentiments; and I am while willing to perish by the sword as

the pestilence; intended for I was a true born American; your

blood runs in my problematic veins, and your spirit fires my


I observed a bit in the Liberator 1 a number of months

as, stating that the colonizationists2 experienced published

a piece respecting us, asserting we were sluggish and

idle. I confute them about that point. Have us generally

as a persons, we are nor lazy neither idle; and considering just how little we must excite or perhaps stimulate all of us, I was almost shocked that there are a lot of industrious

and ambitious kinds to be found: even though I accept, with extreme sorrow, that we now have some who never had been and never will probably be serviceable to society.

And possess...