Business Values and Etiquettes Essay

Business Values and Etiquettes

Its how you do business

San Pedro College or university of Business Administration San Pedro, Supresion September three or more, 2011

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What is Business Ethics? Business ethics (also known as business ethics) is a form of utilized ethics or professional ethics that examines ethical guidelines and ethical or ethical problems that happen in a organization environment. That applies to all aspects of organization conduct which is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire businesses. addresses questions about morality — that is certainly, concepts including good and evil, correct and wrong, virtue and vice, proper rights and criminal offenses, etc . Rule of ideals and meaning on how you conduct business

What is Business Ethics? ‘The Golden Rule' – The actual same thing on your fellow because you would desire to be done to you.

What is business etiquettes?

Etiquette is a code of patterns that delineates expectations for social habit according to contemporary typical norms within a society, social class, or group.

How one can15484 do business with good impact


• Why have a Code of Ethics?

– to define accepted/acceptable actions; – in promoting high standards of practice; – to provide a benchmark to get members to work with for personal evaluation; – to establish a framework intended for professional tendencies and responsibilities; – to discourage corruption, fraud and also other malfeasance – to enhance believability with stakeholders

Code of Ethics of Different Profession.

The physician should hold because sacred and highly private whatever can be discovered or perhaps learned relevant to the sufferer even following death, besides when essential in the promotion of rights, safety and public health. (Article 2 . Section 6- Code of integrity of the Filipino Medical Association)

Code of Ethics of various Profession.

In times where mutual attraction and subsequent love develop among teacher and learner, the teacher shall exercise maximum professional discernment to avoid scandal, gossip and preferential remedying of the student (Article almost eight. Section 7 – Code of ethics for Professional Teacher)

Code of Integrity of Different Career.

A lawyer shall not decline to symbolize a person solely because of the latter's race, sex, creed or status of life, or perhaps because of his own opinion regarding the sense of guilt of stated person. (Rule 14. 01 – Code of Professional Responsibility, BAR)

Code of Ethics of Different Profession.

Code of Integrity for Specialist Accountants: Part A

Section 4. PRIVACY

Code of Ethics to get Professional Accountancy firm: Part A

Section five. TAX PRACTICE

Ethical Problems in Business

•Product safety standards •Advertising items •Working environment •Unauthorized payments •Employee's privateness •Environmental issues

Common Underhanded Acts (reported by employees) • • • • • • • • • • Lying to Supervisors Falsifying records Liquor and drug abuse Conflict of interest Robbing Receive a gift idea in violation of company policy Poor accounting process Sexual nuisance Discrimination Infringement of environmental laws

For what reason misconduct can be not reported

• • • • Fear of not being considered a team player Did not think corrective action will be taken ―No one else cares-why do i need to? ‖ Did not trust the corporation to keep the report confidential.


Honesty -- Being simple, sincere, genuine, free of scam, deception or perhaps misrepresentation.

• Respect: To offer particular attention to, show account for, or perhaps hold in high or special respect (Merriam-Webster's On-line Dictionary, tenth Edition) • Should respect be given or must value be earned?