Catcher in the Rye Dissertation

Holden Caulfield is usually afflicted by the hypocrisy from the adult globe. He accuses all adults of being pretentious and fake and this individual wishes the fact that world was free of that fictitious patterns. He believes that the simply people who are free of the phoniness are the kids, because they are innocent. The only person Holden really believes can be innocent is his close friend Allie, who died for a young era. Therefore , Allie never was raised to become phony. On the other hand, his older brother in Holden's eyes is " a sell-out” and the best definition of artificial. Holden does not want your children to lose that innocence, since that would signify they would turn into phony as well. Entering the adult globe, and facing the issues of developing up turns into Holden's primary conflict through the entire novel as he tries to maintain innocent. Although, Holden despises the artificial adults, actually he acts in a confident and strong manner surrounding them, while he's uneasy and apprehensive about kids his age.

Holden, categorizes all women he runs into throughout the book into two groups: they meet into one of two groups: madonnas, pure and good, and whores, everybody else. He landscapes sex like a dirty act that can be done with " whores”, like Sunny. He's turned on by simply women who this individual doesn't value or take care of as well as perverted, sexual habit. The fact that he is simply aroused by simply these kinds of tendencies disturbs him, yet this individual can't make it. Holden's tendencies can be thought to be the Madonna-Whore Complex. An individual who has the intricate views ladies as either good or bad, and is also convinced the in-between does not exist. For instance , it is obvious that Holden cares for Jane Gallagher quite a lot as a person, as well as having intense romantic feelings for her. He recalls holding hands, sitting near to each other, and Jane, placing her hand on the back of his neck of the guitar. However , Holden never stocks and shares his thoughts with Anne, and never will try doing nearly anything sexual with her besides their blameless dally. Via...