Letters from a Skeptic Essay


Dr . Gregory Boyd can be described as professor of theology at Bethel College. He attended such educational institutions as the University of Minnesota, Yale Divinity University, and Princeton Theological On;ine seminary. As well as becoming a professor he could be a speaking pastor by Woodland Slopes Church in St . Paul, Minnesota, and has written three books and several content articles. This particular publication is a discussion between he and his daddy, Edward Boyd. Edward comes from Florida and worked pertaining to 35 years in sales management. He has six kids, 15 grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.

Gregory attempted for a long time to try and convert his father to Christianity without any achievement. About the time he felt like letting go of on his father, he believed the Ay Spirit leading him to visit one more mile. That previous mile finished up in his father accepting Christ as his own Lord and Savior, and therefore resulted in the publishing with their correspondence.

It all began with the initial letter coming from Gregory when his daddy was seventy years old. Gregory simply asked his daddy if he would take part in speaking through a number of the issues he had with Christianity. Edward arranged and so the voyage began. Much to the surprise of Gregory, his dad, very irresolute, had a large number of very profound hard to answer questions. These types of questions went from questions regarding so-called " Christians, " to concerns about Goodness, questions regarding Jesus, queries about the Christian life, and the so why he will need to believe in all of this nonsense. The moment Gregory will reply and answer his father's queries, he would receive another notification full of very good questions.

This kind of went on for three years and the progression in the book revealed very obviously God working away at Edward, until the end in the book if he invited Christ into his heart and accepting Him as Master and Deliverer at the young age of 73.


I found the questions coming from Edward to very hard, and I was extremely content with Gregory's answers to all of them. He appeared to be very humble in...