Chinese-Amirican in Three Tales the Girl Warrior plus the Joy of Luck Membership and Self-Help for Fellow Refugees Article

Identity: Rana Haj Ehya.

What not learned about the Chinese People in the usa in the 3 stories?

After I read the two stories (The Woman Soldier and the Happiness of Good fortune Club) plus the poem (self-help for other refugees) My spouse and i learned about the Chinese Americans life and conflicts. My spouse and i learned that Oriental Americans have trouble with describing their particular identity. In the two testimonies and in the poem the concept of losing identification is pointed out. The three copy writers said that that they can't categorize themselves either as Chinese seeing that their father and mother left cina and they had been born and arise in the united states nor because Americans simply because can't cost-free themselves from their Chinese root base.

I found that Chinese People in america left china because of the poor situations they will lived right now there. They dropped their property (communists took it from them), were a great able to include private lives, were a great allowed to believe or criticize and had been treated poor. They went to United States so as to have a better your life because Us was the property of possibilities, freedom and equality. Throughout the stories I actually learned that Usa State wasn't really the property they dreamed of because these Chinese had been discriminated against also in the United state and lost their property again when the communists decided to have a area lot while Kingston described in her story " The Woman Warrior”.

The China Americans females faced harder problems and they emphatic all of them in their tales. They had to deal with their low social status and with the parents aged mentality. china and tiawan was entirely a man dominated world where guys preferred among women. As a result girls have to behave in the way that society push them to react. These females refused to behave according to the way culture sees they have to behave. Moreover, to have all their Chinese father and mother mentality or to accept getting in a decrease status than men. And so they rejected to be the ideal woman that society said they should be but to be themselves.