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The information supplied in this doc is for the utilization of students starting IE 652: Functions of Executives course.

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FALL 2014



Facilitator: Dr Muhammad Ehsan Ulhaque

Case Studies (5 Graded Marks each / 40 Points for every Case) Through this document you will find 4 case studies obtained from different Chapters. The common is, these circumstance studies were published in corporate Week. Please read these types of cases cautiously and then attempt the questions at the end of each case.

As they are several case research therefore these are generally considered as some assignments. You must do these 4 assignments.

You should send your assignment on as well as before the deadline as shown in the Event Administrator through my personal eMail [email protected] com. Projects sent in an unreadable formatting will not be considered for credit. eMails completed late are not considered to get credit. Typeface should be ‘Candara'. Font Size should be 14 for regular text, Titles should be size 12, daring & underline. The document text should be justified.

Following are the signifies distribution:

 Synopsis with the Chapter – 5 details

 Summary of the Case – 5 Factors

 Answers to the Questions with Justification – 15 Points  How the idea can be suited to your organization? – 5 Items

Schedule to get submission had been given in the big event Manager. Following due date & 1 this website will not agree to any project. A paper turned in per day late will be considered intended for half credit. Papers greater than a day past due will not be approved.

Submission Routine

Case Study 1 – Submitter Date – Oct dua puluh enam, 2014

Example 2 – Submission Time – Nov 14, 2014

Case Study several – Submitting Date – Nov twenty-eight, 2014

Case Study 4 – Submission Date – Dec 15, 2014

2 FOR EXAMPLE 652: Circumstance Studies – Business Week – Fall season 2014



Cleaning Boeing

Simply by Stanley Holmes

Business Week – Case in the Media [LO 1, a few, 5] Chapter 4

When W. James McNerney Jr. made a decision that Boeing Co. is (BA) leading managers needed a noisy wakeup phone, the new leader chose the apparent place to sound the alarm: the company's twelve-monthly executive retreat on Jan. 4 and 5. A year earlier, the case had been held at the posh Mission Hillsides Country Club in Palm Suspension systems, Calif., and nobody apparently had a better time than McNerney's predecessor, Harry Stonecipher. After a day dedicated largely to socializing and playing golf, the previous CEO, between Boeing's elite, closed down the bar and then fired up a cigar. It absolutely was at the same function that the wedded Stonecipher commenced a relationship with a woman vice-president for Boeing -- a misjudgment that eventually paved the way for his humiliating ouster on Mar. 6th, and for McNerney's appointment as CEO in July your five. Stonecipher wasn't able to be come to for comment. The " Palm Suspension systems fling, " as it became known for Boeing, noticeable an perfect low to get the company. That followed a three-year overeat of broadly publicized business misbehavior featured by the jailing of Boeing's former chief financial officer for having illegal job negotiations using a senior Government official, the indictment of your manager for allegedly robbing some twenty-five, 000 internet pages of private documents coming from his ex - employer, Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT), plus the judicial finding that Boeing had abused attorney-client privilege to help cover up inside studies showing that woman employees were paid lower than men. Scandals involving multiple forms of wrong doings in geographically scattered locations enveloped nearly every division for Boeing, giving little doubt that the popular company, at the same time it started to enjoy a cyclical boom, was plagued by a poisonous culture.

Given that backdrop, nobody was specifically shocked if the 2006 gross annual...