Death of the Salesman Essay

Igal Elmaleh

Mr. Dunton


May possibly 21st, 2012

Unit Essay: Death of the Salesman

Edmund Spencer when said: " It is the mind that maketh good or perhaps ill. ” Imagination can lead to ultimate accomplishment, yet unfortunately, it can also result in complete hardship. We sound right of our universe and go forward in life by simply telling reports. We desire " a little something to get by on, ” as Robert Stone once said. All of us dream a story for ourselves and mould our lives about the requirements of the dreams. We also use creativeness as a dealing mechanism to manage our past and present. One can want to ignore fact and make use of his imagination as a " time machine, ” as they say, in an effort to locate the life that satisfies one self (Robert Holdstock). We work with story to " create our perception of yourself, ” which can indeed always be very risky if we want to ignore reality (Arthur Miller). There is enormous danger in living one's life according to a personal story that is not anchored in some sort of reality. One can see how dangerous account telling could be by inspecting the character of Willy Loman, in Arthur Miller's Death of a Jeweler.

Arthur Miller defines a tragic hero as one who have attempts to " gain his 'rightful' position in his society” in addition to doing so, struggles for his dignity. Thus, according to Miller's specifications, Willy Loman is the epitome of what a tragic hero is definitely. Willy Loman believes that if a person is well-liked and " well liked” he is sure to become successful (23). Unfortunately, this individual has it most wrong. Linda tells Willy that he " is a good looking man in the whole community (23). However , looks don't make the gentleman, or within our case, the salesman. Willy's expereince of living is about becoming a salesman, although his problem comes when he tries to promote himself rather than his goods. Because Willy Loman thought himself as being a rich, attractive, successful businessman, he unconsciously forced him self to sit to his children—lying to his family, friends, and most importantly, himself.

Willy Loman is an...