Definition Of Education: Education and what it does for all of us Essay

ENGL 1301 MW

September 9, 2007

Education Definition Essay

Can be Education?

In line with the Webster's book, education is definitely the act or perhaps process of imparting or obtaining general knowledge. Nevertheless for what purpose? Education is key to having a strong economy and a great country. Education is the key to achievement through every endeavors. Be it driving a car or typing on the computer, you need some kind of education to get you through everyday life. I think that education means being shown and prepared for the future, it is a necessity for conserving a good world, and it is a never-ending circuit that endures until the working day you die.

Education can be described as necessity today in order to be powerful. Education is definitely started at birth. As soon as you will be born, you start the process of education. This process operates the rest of your life. You go to school to arrange for the future, and education provides the support to your family and your self. Companies today are mostly trying to find employees with a college education, and without it, you can't get a great job, and you won't be in a position to support your self that well, let alone children. Without education it is popular that you will operate harder earning less money, you would work in a table earning more. It seems in my experience that most people who have college, and high school education are working in offices, and people with a low level of education are doing more tedious manual labour type of careers an not getting paid as much.

Education is what runs the us. Our region is built on knowledge and education. All the world's most wealthy countries on the globe, like the Us, Japan, and Germany every have literacy rates of 99. 9%, where a few of the poorer countries such as Bangladesh, and Ethiopia have a literacy rate of lower than 45%. Many people may admit the money accounts for00 the bad education, but I really believe that it really should not that hard to give some of the people of the lesser countries...