Duct Strapping speach Article


Interest Getter: When you were a child, were you ever asked what you planned to be as you grow up? Did you say a racecar new driver, a firefighter, or maybe a great astronaut?

Establishment of Credibility: G. Weilacher once stated, " One simply needs two things in life; WD-40 to make issues go, and duct tape to make points stop. ”

Thesis/Purpose: The objective of this conversation is to remember that timeless sticky stuff called DUCT TAPE.

Preview of Main Points: 1st we will take a look at the household uses of duct mp3, then all of us will go above its uses in the vehicle and race world, finally we is going into how it has identified its way into contemporary art.


Main Thought 1: Duct tape gets its name by being used about ventilation shafts known as DUCTS. Although this is its intended purpose, it includes proven not to be the best means for modern-day ventilation work. I have temporarily repaired duct work with that before however, not as a long term fix. The greater common uses around a house, especially in the southern with hurricanes, are putting it in windows which keeps them by shattering. Various other recreational uses are balling a follicle of it to create a baseball or perhaps hockey puck, wrapping that around a magazine and giving it to you doggie as a chew up toy, no longer worry their non-toxic, overall a vacuum clean hose, taping the electric batteries in the distant when you lose the cover, and the most underrated, tiny particles in the air removal.

Move: Although it is usually pretty questionable to use duct tape on the car, it sometimes is the best solution.

Main Idea a couple of: Breakdowns to get vehicles happen. From engines running hot, to four tires going flat, things happen. I once had a car that blew a rad hose along the way home via work. I had developed a jug of drinking water in my car just in case anything like this ever happened, yet without duct tape to wrap the hose with, it was useless. It worked enough to get myself to the parts store without having to call a tow pickup truck or inflate my automobiles engine. Duct tape can be...

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