Strength of Saru in Shashi Deshpande’s the Dark Holds Simply no Terror Dissertation

t. v. t. Nivetha Priya M Phil scholar Government Arts College (A) salem-7

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Shashi Deshpande can be an award winning Indian novelist. She printed her first collection of brief stories in the late 70s and her first book The Dark Holds No Terror in 1980. She won the Sahitya H?jskole Award intended for the new That Long Stop in 80 and the PadmaShri award last year. She has created four kid's books, a number of short reports and seven novels, besides several perceptive essays. Shashi Deshpande objectifies new woman subjective activities with a gynocentric vision. the lady basically reflects on the problems and concerns with the middle school Indian females. Her articles, rooted in the culture in which she lives, remain delicate to the common everyday incidents and encounters and they offer artistic appearance to something that is simple and mundane. Her subjectivity can be peculiarly Indian in the sense that it is born away of problem of Indian omen located between contrary identitites; tradition and modernity, family and occupation, culture and nature. The majority of Shashi Deshpande's heroines will be neither traditional nor radical in her ideas and practice. The girl might take off of her home in protest against her sufferings but steadily realizes that walking out dose not really solve her problems. In her articles, she concentrates on women's issues. The women starving of love, understanding and companionship is the centre of her work. The Dark Keeps No Terrors` is a masterpiece by Shashi Deshpande. The central personality of the account wanted to come out of the patriarchical society. The darkness, the nothingness, the...