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Nancy Reisig

Senior Business, Human Resources at Ford, Chennai - India

Nancy Reisig is Vp, Human Resources at Ford (Chennai) India. The lady took it in Drive 2005. Nancy reports straight to the Director and Handling Director, Ford India.

As Vp Human Resources, Nancy is responsible for a persons resources practice across Ford organizations in India, like the manufacturing plant, Kia Business Service Centre [FBSC] - a company process middle for Ford's global procedures and Honda Information Technology Services [FITS] - the centre for you can actually IT and engineering endeavours in India and the Asia Pacific place. Nancy also serves as Chairperson of the American Chamber of Commerce-Chennai HR forum and has been recently elected because the Co-chair of the Conference Board HOURS Council for India (2007).

Ahead of joining Kia India, Nancy was the Overseer of Worldwide Service Operations at Ford Motor Industry’s global head office in Dearborn, Michigan. The lady was accountable for all facets of administering you can actually nearly 2000 employees in Foreign Support assignments all over the world.

Nancy served intended for 11 years in Ford's joint venture with Mazda, Car Alliance Worldwide, first because Manager of Public Relations after which as Manager, Human Resources. Your woman moved to Kia in 1998, providing in manufacturing recruiting, followed by assignments in settlement and HR information systems.

Previous in her career, the lady was the initially woman to manage a U. S state trade workplace in Asia. Nancy retains a bachelors degree in English and History by Michigan Express University, a master's degree in Western Studies via Yale School, and an M. B. A. by Wayne Express University.

Expat Could Interview with Nancy

Expat Women: Nancy, congratulations about such a successful corporate career – equally at home and abroad. Are you able to please present to us the key highlights/successes in...