Egg Osmosis Lab Research Paper

Title: Egg Osmosis

Purpose: The idea for accomplishing this lab is to show just how Osmosis occurs. It is meant to show how the eggs could react to a change in their environment. The way to present how it could change will be putting ova in different handled environments. Each one of the eggs will probably be put in three different environments. Vinegar, Karo Syrup, and water. Each egg must have a documented response that each will have. Introduction: The lab will allow us to see and explain every single reaction taking place because of the osmosis. After a three day hang on the eggs will be inside their final stage or transformation. Using the eggs for exhibiting osmosis is simple because you observe what is happening to the eggs membrane layer. During this method thee egg also only allowed particular substances to pass through their membrane while at the same time blocking others from coming into. Using clear containers allowed us to observe the ovum response with each of the white vinegar, karo viscous syrup, and drinking water. Hypothesis: That isn't my very first time doing this lab. Trying to bear in mind from my personal science course in central school That i knew that the cover woud turn into a rubber just like texture and i believe the egg will ponder less with the vinegar and weight more when using the syrup. When using the water I think it will eventually break down the egg. In the beginning I realized the egg would absorb the element they were getting submerged in. I assumed the eggs would get bigger. This staying my very first time I was totally excited to see the end product. Elements:

•Food Level capacity of 6. six lbs ( or postal scale)

•1 Large jar of white vinegar

•1 bottle of Karo (clear)

•2 raw chicken eggs

•1 bowl

•4 clear a glass cups

•2 Bottles of water


•Day 1: In day one ponder the egg being used for the experiement having a scale that could measure in grams and document the weight. Place your egg in the glass you will be using making sure that an individual break it. Place enough vinegar in the cup in order to cover the...