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Eco-friendly and formaldehyde-free

Elizabeth Rand-Watkinson. В The Globe and Mail. В Toronto, Ont. Sep doze, 2008. В p. В H. 6В | |Abstract I am aware that not everyone is up in hands about UF emissions. Even though you aren't, yet , I even now urge you to find out in which your contractor's cabinet distributor buys his composite wood products. If perhaps they're caused by certain Third World countries, you will be getting third-rate quality along with these high UF levels. |Full TextВ (1006В words)

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Don't have the budget for solid-wood kitchen cabinetry, but still wish to avoid VOC emissions? You aren't in luck. In reputation of the fresh school yr, here's a pop quiz: What do mussels -- those delectable morsels from your sea ideal served in a white wine beverages sauce -- and hdf have in common? Won't be able to see the connection? Read on! If you, like several mussels, have been living within rock, you will be aware of the growing hullabaloo regarding VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and how all of us don't desire to be breathing these people in. Unhealthy news is definitely, if you've got non-solid solid wood kitchen units installed just lately or purchased furniture manufactured from composite wooden products, you may well be doing just that. But also, there are good news. Government authorities and suppliers have heard the ruckus regarding VOCs and taken action and, only when you thought you had all the possible options for kitchen cabinets materials nailed, out offered with new ones to confuse everybody. Hence this primer to bring you up to date and appear sensible of it all. It was once that buyers had two extremes to pick from when they searched for home cabinets. The lower-cost alternatives were case components manufactured from either particleboard, medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or plywood. These are generally all blend wood-panel products traditionally made up of glues that, when they arrive to place temperature, emit VOCs by means of potentially dangerous urea formaldehyde (UF). With the other end in the price...