night dehumanization Essay


The Jews were dehumanized in several ways by the Nazi's. Dehumanization can be making human beings feel like below people. 3 ways the Nazis dehumanized the Jews was by hunger, being treated like pets or animals and, physical abuse. Listed below are examples of all three of those dehumanizing methods.

The first method the Nazis dehumanized Jews was simply by treating all of them like pets. They did this kind of in many ways. A method was by simply putting eighty people in a cattle car. " The police made us climb in cars, 80 persons in each one”(pg. 22). The Jews didn't want to move by any means, they also experienced limited food and normal water. Another way these were dehumanized was that they had to visit the bathroom in the corner of the cattle cars. This can be dehumanizing for the reason that Jews think that they are becoming completely insulted. Another sort of being remedied like family pets was that following someone was killed Eliezer said " That night the soup felt of corpses”(pg. 65) Therefore the Nazis didn't worry about the jews. This as well shows the Nazis did it on purpose to make the jews feel bad about consuming, even though they should if they wish to survive. That may be how the Nazis dehumanized the Jews. The Nazis also dehumanized the Jews simply by starving all of them. This was quite effective because it will make the jews very fragile and tends to make them whatever it takes for food. One example of the Nazis starving the jews would be when somebody had been hanged one of many prisoners thought to Eliezer " this service, will it be over soon? Im hungry…”(pg. 62) This reveals how desperate the Jews were food. That is one of these of how the Jews had been starved. An additional example of how the jews were starved a single night after having a prisoner was hanged Eliezer said " That night the soup felt of corpses”(pg. 65). This shows that even Robert Colburn

though they will knew we were holding eating an individual they had to obtain to survive. That is certainly how the Nazis starved the Jews. The jews were being dehumanized by being physically abused. This was a very prevalent occurrence inside the...