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Exchange Level

December 2014



1 . How is the exchange level defined?

The exchange charge is the cost of a product of money in terms of the domestic foreign currency. In the Thailand, for instance, the exchange price is traditionally expressed since the value of 1 US dollars in influencia equivalent. For example , US$1 sama dengan P44. 00.

In every exchange rate quotation, therefore , there always are two currencies involved.

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Why is the exchange charge important?

The exchange level is important for a number of reasons:

That serves as the standard link between local plus the overseas industry for several goods, services and monetary assets. Making use of the exchange charge, we are able to review prices of goods, services, and assets offered in different foreign currencies.

Exchange rate movements can affect actual pumpiing as well as objectives about long term price actions. Changes in the exchange rate often directly affect household prices of imported goods and services. A more robust peso lessens the peso prices of imported items as well as import-intensive services such since transport, thus lowering the speed of pumpiing. For instance, an increase in the value of the peso via US$1: P50 to US$1: P40 will certainly lower the cost of a $1 per liter gasoline via P50. 00 (P50 Back button $1) to P40. 00 (P40X $1).


Exchange rate actions can affect the country's external sector through its impact on foreign control. An gratitude of the balanza, for instance, may lower the retail price competitiveness of our exports compared to products of the people competitor countries whose values have not altered in benefit.


The exchange price affects the price of servicing (principal and curiosity payments) on the country's overseas debt. A peso appreciation reduces the amount of pesos required to buy foreign exchange to spend interest and maturing obligations.

3. How is the exchange rate established?

Under the approach to freely flying exchange costs, the value of the dollar with regards to the sobrecarga, like any asset or services being sold in the market, is determined by the forces of supply and demand. Within fixed exchange rate program, a par benefit rate is set between the peso and the money by the central bank. The par value may be adjusted from time to time. Section of Economic Research

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Exchange Price

December 2014

4. How does the exchange rate alter?

Under a suspended exchange level system, if perhaps more us dollars are demanded than can be obtained, the price of the dollar in terms of the sobrecarga will are likely to increase; that is, it will cost more pesos to buy one dollar. If, alternatively, more dollars are offered than are demanded, the value of the dollar regarding the peso will often decrease; that is, it will cost significantly less pesos to obtain one money. In contrast, under a fixed charge system, a big change in the exchange rate can be effected through an official story by the central bank. five. What is the country's foreign exchange policy?

At present, the country's exchange rate policy facilitates a openly floating exchange rate program whereby the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) leaves the willpower of the exchange rate to market forces. Under a market-determined exchange rate structure, the BSP does not arranged the foreign exchange rate nevertheless instead permits the value of the peso being determined by the supply and require of forex trading.

Thus, the BSP's engagement in the forex trading market is limited to temper well-defined fluctuations inside the exchange level. On this kind of occasions of excessive motions, the BSP enters industry mainly to keep up order and stability. Once warranted, the BSP as well stands ready to provide a lot of liquidity and ensure that legitimate demands for foreign currency happen to be satisfied.

6th. How is foreign exchange bought and sold in the market?

Inside the Philippines, financial institutions trade forex using an electric trading platform known as the Philippine Dealing and Exchange Corp. (PDEx) through any of the next ways: Reuters news agency or...