Famous Thinkers Essay

Famous Thinkers



March 14, 2013

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Famous Thinkers

There are many well-known thinkers which have lived with this earth who may have made significant changes to every person's lives. A couple famous thinkers stand out among them all. Those two are Mr. Bill Entrances and Reverend Dr . Matn Luther California king, Jr. Their contributions culture have been wonderful and were based off of their particular personal, interpersonal and political environments. That were there both searched for to solve challenges or problems that people experienced and they could actually provide alternatives and put into action them. The solutions they will provided every followed an innovative process, that is compared to each other, and their tips will be critiqued to discuss the actual could have performed differently. Input to Contemporary society

Mr. Bill Gates and Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. have equally contributed to culture in different methods. Bill Gates had attained immense prosperity through the creation and revenue of Ms Windows, and he is applying this wealth for philanthropic reasons. The Bill and Melinda Entrance Foundation plays a part in societies throughout the world. Their contributions range from featuring vaccines in Africa, to financial services to get the poor in america. These input affect society as they present better overall health by helping prevent condition and helping better the lives of these less fortunate. Reverend Dr . Martin Luther Full Jr. business lead the enhancements made on gaining the same civil legal rights for African Americans through the use of nonviolent civil disobedience. The planet

Mr Bill Gates and Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior. lived in several environments which will attributed to their particular creativity in solving challenges or problems. Bill Entrances was raised in a financially responsible family, and attended a preparatory college which allowed him to focus on computer programming. This environment allowed Bill Entrance to excel in what this individual loved and create the Microsoft corporation. Bill Entrances gained...

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