Feminism Exploration Paper


Introduction to Sociology


Belief in the cultural, political, and economic equal rights

of the sexes.

The motion organized surrounding this belief.


Feminist Theory is an outgrowth from the general

movement to encourage women around the world.

Feminism can be explained as a acknowledgement and

evaluate of man supremacy coupled with efforts to

change it.


The goals of feminism are:

To demonstrate the importance of ladies

To reveal that historically girls have been

subordinate to men

To bring about gender value.


In other words:

Feminists guard the equal rights of women and argue

that women should share equally in society's

chances and terrify resources.


Individualist feminism

Relational Feminism

(Karen Offen)


While old because human history alone.

In Indonesia the feminists were struggling for the right

of girls to engage in sexual contact regardless

of marital and legal account.

Marianne Weber (the wife of Max Weber) was obviously a



Weber thought that women ought to be treated

equally in the sociable institution of marriage, along

with all the different social establishments.

She made it clear that marriage was between a

man and a woman


The modern day feminism motion began inside the


Weakness helped get away the lovemaking double regular.

Divorce became commonplace

Females were " happy housewives” no more

Higher level employment and fulfillment outside of the home

were becoming standard

Liberal Feminism

All people are of the same quality and should certainly not be

rejected equality of opportunity because of gender

Open-handed Feminists concentrate their attempts on interpersonal change

throughout the construction of legislation and

regulation of career practices

Tolerante Feminism

Inequality stems from the denial of equal privileges.

The primary barrier to equality is sexism.

Marxist Feminism

Division of labor is related to gender role


Females offer birth. Guys left to compliment family



Radical Feminism

Male power and privilege may be the basis of sociable


Sexism is the best tool utilized by men to hold

women oppressed

Radical Feminism

Women are the first oppressed group

Can certainly oppression is among the most widespread

Women's oppression is the deepest

Revolutionary Feminism

Ladies oppression triggers the most struggling

Women's oppression provides a conceptual model

pertaining to understanding other forms of oppression

Radical Feminism

Men control the norms of acceptable sexual


Refusing to reproduce is considered the most effective way to

avoid the snares

Speak out against all social set ups because that they

are created by simply men

Socialist Feminism

Views women's oppression as coming from their

work in the along with the economy

Women's inferior location is the consequence of class-based


Socialist assume that history can be made in the

private ball (home) not simply the public ball


Socialist Feminism


An increased emphasis on the exclusive sphere and the

role of girls in the household

Equal options for women in the public sphere

Postmodern Feminism

Attempts to criticize the dominant buy.

All theory is socially constructed.

Rejects claim that simply rational, abstract thought

and scientific method can lead to valid


Postmodern Feminism

The basic idea is the fact looking to the past is no

much longer the way to go. We are a global economical

world pointed out by technology. Looking to the

past will no longer applies.

Male or female Differences

Ladies begin to suffer bouts of clinical depressive disorder form the

frustration they experience when their particular bodies adjustments.

Beyond major depression and thoughts of committing suicide, girls are usually more

vulnerable to eating disorders, substance abuse, and

dropping out of school.

Body is at heart in the crisis of confidence for adolescent


By the age group thirteen, 53 percent of American girls are