Essay in Film and Tv Worksheet

Film and Television Worksheet


September 10, 2012

University of Phoenix Material

Film and Television Worksheet

Name of the film or perhaps television show you viewed:

The Closer

Respond to each question with a section of by least 50 words. Express your perspective and explain it thoroughly.

What is the primary emphasis of the film or present? Examples: artsy expression, scientific achievement, helpful. Explain the answer. The principal emphasis from the show is usually to solve offences committed in Los Angeles by a woman Deputy Chief of Police, of the Major Criminal activity Division, Brenda Johnson. The show uses the examinative and revendication skills of Brenda to resolve crimes. Brenda dresses in civilian clothing and dons heels that do not effectively stop her from going anywhere on the crime picture. The show empathizes a female can perform want men do but still be a woman. | What cultural ideals is the film or display attempting to showcase? Do you concur or don't agree with all those values? Clarify your response. " The Closer” offers investigators symbolizing many cultural backgrounds and ages. The show efforts to promote the significance of each individual inspite of age or perhaps ethnic qualifications, people can perform together. On the program it uses the character of different qualification to help resolve crimes for example the Hispanic private investigator is used to assist communicate with The spanish language speaking people and describe different bande. I agree it is a good example of how individuals with different backgrounds can perform together to accomplish goals. | What is the surface-level subject matter of the film? Describe the plot. This episode was going to solve the apparent killing of a 12 year old Mexican boy found in an forego house that is used by a team as a get together house. The boy's brother was the gang's leader; however , he is in prison and his father use for be a affiliate when he was younger. According to Maceo (1995) " The root factors behind violent road gang development (i. at the....

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