Film Assessment: The Great Gatsby Essay

Chiara Posani

English language III- Green

Mrs. Codardo

14 May possibly 2013

The fantastic Gatsby was pretty good. The person who casted the characters would a pretty good-job. I thought that Leonardo The future actor acted well in the function of The author Gatsby. In the book you could tell that The author loved Daisy so much but seeing this on screen played by Leonardo made the feeling become more active. In conclusion the acting was great.

Sadly, I as well thought film production company illustrated the book a little too much. Usually I knew each line in the movie therefore i thought the movie was a very little boring mainly because, since it illustrated the book so much, That i knew exactly what was going to happen following and this sort of carried off from the unknown of the film.

Since the tale took place throughout summer of 1922 I was cause believe that the music too can be from that period in time but I was misinformed. I understand that by locating a twist towards the soundtrack, with the help of more of a contemporary feel for the music, it could appeal to younger visitors but actually I think Fitzgerald would turn over in his severe. I don't believe he would have wanted the current feel of music to become portrayed with this movie as it takes away in the originality of the time period and eludes from feeling it offers us. Rap and hip hop wasn't actually invented at this point so I feel it doesn't combine well with all the time period making the movie significantly less authentic.

Overall film production company was great but I do believe I would have got enjoyed that more basically didn't look at the book the week before. If I look at the book age range before just like my mom would I would include enjoyed it more since I would not be able to narrate every scene and it will be more of a nail biter.