FIN571 Group A Wk 6 Reflection Essay


Learning Team Representation

Cassie Fernandez, Shoshannah Farber, Melody Alcazaba, and Darlene See FIN/571

July 28, 2015

Sawzag Faiella

Learning Team Expression

In the online video, Corporate Fund Video: Stable Money Producers, Peggy Theme parks has taken a chance upon raising and breeding alpacas. She chooses to do this rather than watching her 401K gradually disappear and still have nothing on her senior years. Ms. Parks at first invested $56, 000 to acquire seven family pets to start the alpaca plantation. Her investment is starting to pay off because the original eight have already developed two babies, which will put about $15, 000 for the value of her business in the initial year. One particular capital improvement that Ms. Parks should make with her business is always to sell the alpaca layer. According to Sugarloaf Alpaca Company, " The fiber they produce has unique qualities which is used by designers in the vogue centers of New York, Tokyo, Paris, and Milan to create high-end garments” (Sugarloaf Alpaca Company, 2015). Another way Peggy's can improve her working capital is by broadening her business and integrate additional animals to breed promote. Like Peggy said, " one need to do research 1st figure out could be the most profitable. For example , cows, chickens, or perhaps pigs is actually a good addition and expense for Peggy's business. If Peggy adds to her business, this will reduce the chance of losses and increase her profits which will increase her retirement personal savings. Although, the price tag on land and upkeep to get the pets or animals will increase; if done proper, her profits will surpass her expense. Expanding Peggy's herd and selling the offspring could improve her capital, and she may put the money-back into her business till she actually reaches the profitability level. Peggy can also expand by looking into providing the Alpaca wool, that could be really profitable on her. Peggy's business can be considered a great insurable organization, which In respect to " What Does It Mean With an Insurable Involvement in Something? ”...

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