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COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE LOCAL EXAMINATIONS SYNDICATE Joint Examination intended for the Higher University Certificate and General Certificate of Education



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8001/1, 2

two hours 40 minutes


2 hours 40 a few minutes

INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES Create your name, Middle number, prospect number and paper number (1 or 2) inside the spaces provided on the answer paper/answer report. Answer two questions. Answer one query from Newspaper 1 and one problem from Newspaper 2 . Create your answers on the solution paper. Get started your answer to Paper 2 on a fresh and separate sheet of paper. Towards the end of the assessment, hand in your answers to Paper one particular and Conventional paper 2 separately. If you are not able to answer something in any 1 Paper, submit a blank bed sheet giving your name, Centre amount, candidate quantity and the range of that Daily news. INFORMATION INTENDED FOR CANDIDATES In Paper one particular, all questions hold equal represents. In Paper 2, the number of marks is given in brackets [ ] at the end of every question or perhaps part question. The total time of 2 hours and 40 mins includes eight minutes so that you can study the questions before beginning your answers. You may make records during this time if you want. You are advised to spend no longer than one hour 15 minutes on Paper 1 . You should write among 500 and 800 terms. INSTRUCTIONS TO SUPERVISORS You are asked to place the answers of the two papers in distinct envelopes which should be marked a couple of.

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a couple of BLANK PAGE

8001/1, 2/O/N/01

3 Conventional paper 1


Does a single country ever have the directly to influence the internal affairs of another?


Is it essential to deal with what causes crime than its treatment?


Is definitely terrorist actions ever validated?


May countries having a history of discord achieve genuine peace and trust?

your five

‘A relatives with no kids is not just a family by any means. ' Discuss.


‘The environment will be harmed even more by human activity than natural disasters. ' Do you agree?


Might education always be improved if it took place in the home by means of modern technology?


Precisely what are the destinations and perils of trying to predict future events and developments?


Does sport do more to encourage intercontinental rivalry than to conquer it?

12 ‘The camera can never lie. ' Is true?

11 ‘Media famous people are over-rated and over-paid. ' Will you agree?

doze ‘Science fictional is simply fantasy and fantasy. ' Talk about.

8001/1, 2/O/N/01

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5 Paper a couple of 13 See the following passage, which was written in December 1998, and then answer all the questions below. While the 20th century takes in to a close, does science stand at the beginning of an epic period or at the conclusion? Research over the past 100 years has roamed throughout an extraordinary various frontiers: space exploration; the pc revolution; wide-spread vaccination; the first heart-transplant operation; flights; test-tube infants; the atomic bomb; genetically engineered food available in grocery stores; unravelling the structure of DNA. A lot of doubters, consequently , argue that the 21st century is not going to deliver likewise profound improvements because the fantastic age of breakthrough discovery is over. Their view is usually that the fundamentals of science had been mastered. The top Bang theory tells us how the Universe started; we now appreciate DNA, the code of life; technologists are near to creating a robot as smart as any man. Others, however , argue that the astounding successes of the past century will not spell the end of science. Rather, they are going to do one of two things – pave just how for long term glories or perhaps crumble when confronted with further evidence, giving climb to completely new theories. One of these of the past is space exploration – without the Celestial satellite landings, all of us wouldn't have International Space Station, about...