Gymroom Arranging System Essay

1 . 0Introduction

System reservations are reserving software experts and provide computerized online reservation solutions for just about any type of support. An online method is accessible at any time from anyplace with a pc or portable device (Kenneth E. Kendall & Jules E. Kendall, 8th copy, 2010). Easy Gym provides provided on-line booking system to the users by providing them an opportunity to advertise and obtain bookings from your users. It truly is involved booking and repayment from customers to allow users to quickly make their own bookings and payments on-line. The purpose of the program is to make the daily operations run more easily and effectively and raise the profit in the gym and enhanced the of fitness center room.

Easy Health club is a built-in complete booking system. It will help to keep documents of the members and their subscriptions, and permits easy interaction between Easy Gym plus the users. It includes all the information from the members including age, male or female, the participation between the customer and Easy Health club, transaction record of their service fees and payment. Anyone possibly an Of india, Malay or perhaps Chinese can easily register as a part through the website provided because the booking system can be converted into any languages. The newbie can easily know very well the ability to publication, cancel, watch or move between various activities any kind of time one time with little schooling and following instruction provided. (Easy Health club. com, 2012 )

The primary function with the system is to help make the users as well as the staff in order to save their energy and time. Latest details and the service will updated to the homepage of the website to give the ease to the consumer to choose a common program or perhaps package and booking this easily and quickly. There are many of package deal with versatile schedule that could make the users to choose depending on the length of time and their requirements. By clicking on this software, all the details like fees and time plan will come out. The users can pick and publication the program based upon their requirements. The booking system shows the convenience of signing up the program and event to the users and will book the facilities including swimming pool, court and others through online with their names as well as the booking hour. (Easy Fitness center. com, 2012 ) installment payments on your 0Feasibility Study

A feasibility analyze assesses the operational, technological and economical merits of the business program. The feasibility study will likely be a preliminary report on the facts to verify that it is worth proceeding to the analysis period. ( Kenneth E. Kendall & Jules E. Kendall, 8th release, 2010) From the systems expert perspective, the feasibility research is the primary tool for recommending whether to go to the next phase or discontinue the project. The feasibility research is a management-oriented activity. The goal of a feasibility study is to find out if an information system task can be done and to suggest likely alternative solutions.

2 . 1Technical Feasibility Research

Technological feasibility is actually a measure of the practicality of your specific specialized solution plus the availability of technical resources and expertise. On the web booking system is a practical system because rather than let employees manually process booking, through using this system, customers just need push the time make they want.

This on-line booking strategy is multifunctional and segments the skills into diverse categories, increase customer data source as a fundamental to provide custom-made services such while establishing different fitness technique for different buyer create a system for customers to communicate with each other and with their coach, customers may communicate with ecuries and provide responses. In addition , the device also can become customer relationship management system.

The assessment of technical feasibility is also dedicated to gaining an awareness of the present technical methods of the organization and their applicability to the anticipated needs of the...