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English language version] President Aquino's SONA 2013: Full textual content

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Posted at 07/22/2013 six: 38 PM | Current as of 07/22/2013 6: 32 PM Express of the Nation Address of President Sereno S. Aquino III to the Congress of the Philippines, Batasang Pambansa Intricate, Quezon Metropolis, July 22, 2013 [This is usually an English translation of the SONA delivered on the Session Hall of the House of Representatives, Batasang Pambansa Complex, Quezon Metropolis, on This summer 22, 2013] Vice President Jejomar Binay; Senate Leader Franklin Meters. Drilon; Audio Feliciano Belmonte Jr.; Primary Justice Nancy Lourdes Agradable and the prestigious Justices with the Supreme Courtroom; former Presidents Fidel Valdez Ramos and Joseph Partida Estrada; distinguished members from the diplomatic corps; honorable associates of the House of Representatives along with the Senate; our commanders in county; members in the Cabinet; associates of the military and law enforcement officials in homogeneous; my other public maids; and, of course , to my own Bosses, the Filipino people, a pleasant afternoon to all. This is my last SONA; simply two stay. Almost several years include passed since I was acknowledged by several camps to urge myself to run for the obama administration. They said: " We know that the country's problems cannot be resolved in the blink of an eye, in one year, or even within the six-year term of the President. Yet just get started, and we will always be one along in growing change. ” Even then, I was mindful of the significant conditions that I would have to face. From being a prospect, to staying President, or perhaps after I stage down from office, the difficulties I will need to face are not any joke. Widespread transformation of society is my objective, and I am aware that there are plenty of things and a lot of people I might have to are up against in order to accomplish that. But I was not elevated by mother and father to down again in the face of problems. I would be unable to live with me personally if I got refused to be able to alleviate the suffering the Filipino probably should not have to go through. We have answered the call, and those who have been around from the start possess only expanded in amount. I believe that if what I have been performing is right, then our allies only will grow. Simply this May, Specialists you, Manager, are all of us going in the right direction? The reply: " Yes, and let us increase the alteration of contemporary society. ” I asked for allies that would support steer the region in one course, and you sent. The truth is, not merely the majority, not even nine of twelve, yet nine of the top ten senators are individuals that I recommended to you. The message from the past election is clear: Certainly, let us continue, let us improve the 8, 581 sitios that we get electrified; let us add to the twenty eight, 398 people who were once simple settlers although who finally have, or will soon have, decent homes; let us raise the not less than forty five billion pesos in additional funds that go to education, health, cultural services, and many more because of the proper and more efficient collection of taxation; we truly feel all the other touchable signs that society is really changing. I've become even more optimistic as a result of your message; it is very clear that I am not alone in carrying these types of responsibilities. How could i not always be encouraged, once even the loves of Mr. Niño Aguirre are helping shape the future? Imagine: Though unable to walk, he climbed all the way to his fourth-floor precinct, only so that he could have your vote and play a role in true cultural transformation. Many thanks, Mr. Aguirre. There is no deficit of Filipinos whom are ready to frequency in, which is the source of the transform we now knowledge. The strategy—maximize opportunities for a lot of, especially for those most in need. Our company is not content to wait for the trickle-down effect; we cannot leave their fate—their receiving the great things about progress—to probability. What we call specially growth—this all-encompassing progress—is the principle that drives every initiative, every single action, each decision of the government. The only ones that will be left behind are those...