Hello Sunlight Essay

To the rector,

My own group and I were asked to go to Morley, the adjoining little community and find out about the villagers and the method they live. At first we went to a few houses to get a look at the habitants and see if they had everything, just like water and electricity establishments. And I know, they are typically labourers living in poor hygienic conditions. Plenty of them suffer from diseases linked to inadequate drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. In Morley there are not many schools but the handful of schools serve communities which may have a high prevalence of diseases related to limited water supply, sanitation and care and wherever child malnutrition and other underlying health problems are normal. The villagers and the kids have scanty leisure actions; they have not any sports environment to have a sports match every so often, or a tiny park wherever they can go for a walk of just ride their bikes. The adults are not an enthusiastic, and are also not really motivated. Medicine addiction and alcoholism best problem amongst the youngsters and adults. Plus the worst of they have zero rehabilitation system. The wagering problem can also be very high, the employees are willing to bet their money anytime. So they often times risk losing it all. To help the inhabitants of Morley, we have made a decision to provide right water cleanliness, two containers of food per family members, a playground and a playground to get the children and also to solve the drug and alcoholism concerns we have a few volunteers willing to help by providing rehabilitation center. I hope you take this in consideration therefore we can help those poor villagers. -Spencer