Her First Ball Dissertation

a lot more a song- sing it. life is a game- enjoy it. life is a challenge- meet it. life is a dream- realize it. a lot more a sacrifice- offer it. life is love- enjoy it. CLAIME BABA


* I used to have trouble with procrastinating, now I have learned to write down a list of things that we need to do, and keep a calendar to keep track of deadlines, I have found that this not only helps me to complete things on time, but it has additionally helped me being more structured. * A weakness of mine could be the fact that I actually get nervous when speaking in front of groups. I have not had a lot of experience with this kind of over the past a few years. Although I did so join Toastmasters International to assist overcome this kind of anxiety -- and feel much more comfortable today after i need to speak in front of teams and give sales pitches. * Now i'm little egoistic when it comes to earning things and get a tiny ruthless also. * Shed patience at times when I am not in a position to complete the assigned work in time. 5. I have to focus on having more patience and giving me a break mainly because I always wish everything performed at once. * Tend to go to any limits while helping my friends.

* I am too aimed at my work and I ought to find more hours to relax. 2. I'm too focused on job and have to develop several after hours interests. *I get bored to fast. *I no longer love to perform much.




*Playing ps3

*Playing soccer

*Listening to music


*Watching Big t. V

*Writing quotes

*Playing with pets or animals



2. Playing in computer

*Going out as well as sunny

*Running to quickly


*Hot weather

*Going to desert

*Someone awakes me up when I am just sleeping


*Going to school when I am just tired


*I'm good at...