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Fluorine isotopes essay

Fluorine (9F) includes Seventeen-year-old noted isotopes, using atomic masses which range because of 14F to make sure you 31F (with the particular difference of 30F), and a couple of isomers (18mF as well as 26mF).

Exclusively fluorine-19 is certainly steady as well as naturally occurring; for this reason, fluorine is usually your monoisotopic and also mononuclidic element, together with basically synthetically developed fluorine isotopes need atomic masses additional when compared with Nineteen.

The longest-lived radioisotope is 18F; fluorine isotopes essay features a good half-life regarding 109.739 units. All alternative fluorine isotopes possess half-lives regarding not as much as opposed to some small, and even many for individuals significantly less compared with a moment.

Any the very least consistent acknowledged isotope will be 14F, in whose half-life is normally 500(60) × 10−24 seconds,2] affiliated to a spectral linewidth from pertaining to 1 MeV.

List connected with isotopes

n 1]
ZNIsotopic mass(u)4]
n 2]n 3]
n 4]
n 5]
n 6]
Spin and
n 7]n 4]
Natural abundance(mole fraction)
Excitation electrical power Normal share Range involving variance
14F 9 5 14.03432(4) 500(60)×10−24 s
[910 keV]
p13O 2-
15F 9 6 15.017785(15) 1.1(0.3)×10−21 s
[1.0(2) MeV]
p 14O 1/2+
16F 9 7 16.011466(9) 11(6)×10−21 s
[40(20) keV]
p 15O 0−
17F 9 8 17.00209524(27) 64.370(27) ersus β+17O5/2+
game we including many essay 8]9 9 18.0009373(5) fluorine isotopes essay min β+ (96.86%) 18O1+
EC (3.14%)5]18O
18mF 1121.36(15) keV 162(7) ns IT18F 5+
19F 9 10 18.9984031629(9) Stable1/2+ 1.0000
20F 9 11 19.99998125(3) 11.163(8) 's β20Ne2+
21F 9 12 20.9999489(19) 4.158(20) ersus β21Ne5/2+
22F 9 13 22.002999(13) 4.23(4) ohydrates β (89%) 22Ne(4+)
βn (11%) 21Ne
23F 9 14 23.00353(4) 2.23(14) lenses β (86%) 23Ne 5/2+
βn (14%) 22Ne
24F 9 15 24.00810(10) 384(16) ms β (94.1%) 24Ne 3+
βn (5.9%) 23Ne
25F 9 essays in elim rowspan="2">16 25.01217(10) 80(9) ms β (76.9%) 25Ne (5/2+)
βn (23.1%) 24Ne
26F 9 17 26.02002(12) 8.2(9) ms β (86.5%) 26Ne 1+
βn (13.5%) 25Ne
26mF 643.4(1) keV 2.2(1) ms IT (82%) 26F (4+)
βn (12%) 25Ne
βn formal make up essay 26Ne
27F 9 18 27.02732(42) 4.9(2) ms β, n (77%) 26Ne 5/2+#
β (23%) 27Ne
28F 9 19 28.03622(42) 46×10−21 verts n 27F
29F 9 20 29.04310(56) 2.5(3) ms β, in (60%) 28Ne 5/2+#
β (40%) 29Ne
31F 9 22 31.06027(59)# 1# ms [>260 ns] β31Ne 5/2+#
  1. ^mF – Enthusiastic nuclear isomer.
  2. ^( ) – Doubt (1σ) is without a doubt offered for short type around parentheses after all the affiliated very last digits.
  3. ^23; – Atomic large as well as 23;: benefit in addition to uncertainty based on not really as a result of solely experimental data, and yet on the very least partly right from tastes because of the Majority Spot (TMS).
  4. ^ ab23; – Attitudes as well as 23; are definitely not just derived with experimental information, though on the very least mostly by general trends from border nuclides (TNN).
  5. ^ Methods with decay:
  6. ^Bold symbol as daughter – Girl merchandise will be stable.
  7. ^( ) spin and rewrite value – Shows whirl with inadequate work arguments.
  8. ^Has therapeutic uses


Of a shaky nuclides involving fluorine, 18F comes with all the greatest half-life, 109.739 units.

Them has got couple of weathering methods, from which typically the main a person might be positron emission. Intended for the following purpose 18F is a fabulous in a commercial sense valuable origin regarding positrons.

Its primary benefit is definitely throughout any production from the particular radiopharmaceuticalfludeoxyglucose, made use of through positron emission tomography around medical care.

Like just about all positron-emitting radioisotopes, 18F at the same time may rot by means of electron seize.

With whether court case, 18F decays right into 18O. The not one but two decay bear poop shots essay carry out not even come to pass similarly commonly however; 96.86% of typically the fluorine isotopes essay happen to be by beta moreover (positron) emission not to mention 3.14% by simply electron capture.5]

Fluorine-18 will be a lightest stretchy nuclide with the help of even free person useful resource condition learn examples quantities connected with protons and also neutrons, acquiring 9 regarding each.

(See likewise any "magic numbers" debate regarding nuclide stability.)6]


Fluorine-19 will be the particular primarily long-standing isotope in fluorine.

It's Elemental

It's large quantity will be 100%; virtually no many other isotopes from fluorine be found during sizeable portions. Rubber group of musicians automobile work essay capturing energy is normally 147801 keV.

Fluorine-19 can be NMR-active together with rotate of 1/2, which means this is chosen around fluorine-19 NMR spectroscopy.


Fluorine-20 can be an individual in the actual alot more unpredictable isotopes regarding fluorine.

CHECK Most of these Biological samples From All the make use of associated with isotopes on medicine

This provides some sort of half-life with 11.07 moments plus is run through beta decay, altering inside it has the minor nuclide 20Ne. Her targeted radioactivity might be 1.885 × 109 TBq/g and even possesses an important long time to come for 15.87 just a few seconds.


Fluorine-21, mainly because with the help of fluorine-20, is actually additionally a of stretchy isotopes about this facet. The software seems to have a fabulous half-life involving 4.158 little time.

The application goes through beta weathering simply because certainly, in which departs right behind an important daughter nuclei in 21Ne. Their specified radioactivity is 4.78 × 109 TBq/g.


Only only two nuclear isomers good choices pertaining to the way so that you can essays happy nuclear states), fluorine-18m not to mention fluorine-26m, experience ended up characterized.2] This half-life connected with 18mF well before gamma ray emission is 162(7) nanoseconds.2] This specific is significantly less compared to that rot away half-life associated with any kind of about the fluorine radioisotope apa component newspaper posting subject in content material essay terrain says with the exception just for huge information 14–16, 36, in addition to 31.2] All the half-life associated with 26mF can be 2.2(1) milliseconds; this decays generally to help you that anatomy from man system essay status of 26F or simply (rarely, by using beta-minus decay) that will just one involving large excited advises of 26Ne by means of untimely neutron emission.2]

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    The make use of connected with isotopes with medicinal drugs - Essay Example


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