Ifa Assessing Between Klci and Nestle Essay

Total Return for KLCI and Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad

It is popular that share prices changes and changing all the time. Therefore , we have would some declaration and evaluation for a period on Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad company before we make a decision where to make investments the RM500, 000. 00. On 20 May 2013, when the Nestle company's selling price at RM65. 100 each share (considered as low price) as followed the Bursa Malaysia reveal price, we have invested a large portion of the capital inside the Nestle organization share instantly. We have bought 50 plenty (5000 volume of share) of share in share price RM65. 95 each present to total RM325, 500. 00. Well, after one month (21 June 2013), the Nestle company's ordering share has increased to RM65. 840 each share since followed the Bursa Malaysia share value at 3. 41p. m. Therefore , we sold out all the shares we bought upon 20 May possibly 2013 by share selling price of RM65. 840 every single share (+ RM0. 740) with total RM329, two hundred. 00. Total Return intended for Nestle business shares

Total Returning in Percentage:

Temporary dividend & (Ending share price – Beginning reveal price) as well as Beginning talk about price = NIL + (RM65. 84- RM65. 10) / RM65. 10

=1. 14% (1. 137% nearest to 2 quebrado places)

Total Return in RM:

(Ending share price x No . of discuss bought) – (Beginning share price x No . of share sold) = (RM65. 84 times 5000) – (RM65. twelve x 5000)

= RM329, 200 – RM325, 500

= RM3700

The total returning for Nestle company share from twenty May 2013 to 21 June 2013 is RM3700 (1. 14%). There is a great percentage and amount from the total go back. Thus, we now have earned a few profit from Nestle Berhad within one month. Supposition: There is no dividend for investors within this period.

Concerning compare the entire return of Nestle company share with the entire return of KLCI index. We have estimate the total returning of KLCI index from 20 May well 2013 to 21 Summer 2013. Total Return to get KLCI index:

KLCI index on twenty May 2013: 1, 777. 15

KLCI index about 21 06 2013: you, 755. eighty five

(KLCI about 21 June 2013 – KLCI upon...