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What Is Your Up coming Move

Student Name: Fatma Mohd Abdulla

Student IDENTITY: 131220085

Teacher: Mr. Blessant Abed Approach Jalal


Everyone really should have personal desired goals that evolve around anything that needs to be completed. I set goals on a daily basis. A single goal that I seem to have never truly centered on has been my college education. Considering everything, I decided Required to focus on my college education. The first thing Required to accomplish was going to enroll in an institution for higher learning. Now that my enrollment is complete, I i am an official student at the School enrolled in the undergraduate plan for business administration. As a pupil at the university or college, I now have to set personal goals to ensure that I will be effective in my endeavors. My personal desired goals are to gain personal growth and development and finish my undergraduate program in business management with honors. After my completion of the undergraduate program Let me then move on to a master's program. right now am doing work in Emirates NBD bank because an price tag supervisor. I really do like my personal what i am doing and enjoying it. My key task is to lead a group of people around almost 8 people to complete all again office work such like cash transfer, Cheque clearance, bank loan follow up. was doing this job for about on the lookout for years. having my degree will help myself to improve my personal skills and may even be to find better task with better position.


To accomplish my goal of private growth and development, Let me make sure that by the end of every program I take I will have a full knowledge of the subject subject. This is where Let me take advantage of the learning teams that are offered in conjunction with specific learning. The way in which I go through the learning groups is that they are there for me to master and share experience with my peers. If there is something that I really do not grasp, I can consequently go to my learning staff for the response. If I are unable to get the answer from my personal team i then will go towards the instructor. I will not quit until Excellent full understanding of The ultimate reaction to this subject will reveal my personal desired goals that I hope to achieve as a University of AUE pupil and that we have been and am planning to pursue and get. One goal that I would prefer to achieve, shall be the best pupil that can remain. This means that I would like to learn, browse, communicate, be ready for, and effectively complete all the material as I can regarding all my course's assignments and participation through my complete Bachelor Degree Curriculum. I want the instructors to see and feel that I am seriously trying my hardest to complete and stand out in the learning materials shown to me; nevertheless also, that we enjoy the responsibilities, challenges, and completion of the assignments. The best reason that I have for enjoying the tasks, challenges, and completion of the assignments, happens because I love to learn.. That was my aspirations as a college student where how hard I will study it will make strong person to face the actual life to choose from and can implement what I have study in any job. While. My father told me once that ‘Knowledge can be something that can not be taken away a person. '

Professional Company:

My own second achievement which was looking for shall be hard-working, supplying, motivated, dynamic, pleasant, and trustworthy, in order that my administration can feel comfortable in what I actually am doing and anticipating them to do. In other words, I want my employer to rely upon me and what I explain I need to perform, in order to accomplish their objective of aiding ex-offenders and whatever various other goals all their organization or perhaps company might have. Further, my target would be to show them that I am the best worker they could ever have, by simply reflecting a hundred percent productivity and success outcome in everything that I do to them, as well as for our clients. Of course , I wish to be recognized, respected, and paid consequently to help make sure that I will actually the job am...