Information Management Essay

Executive Summary

The report aims to address a defieicency of information supervision within Lanway. Information, may possibly feel is the central resource virtually any firm provides, yet a large number of firms have no appreciation off the cost, value or perhaps importance of the info they carry.

By first setting out the steps and findings associated with an information review carried out within the firm, results are after that drawn in regards to what measures ought to be taken in in an attempt to increase the effectiveness of Lanways information consumption.

The procedures suggested will be outlined in detail, with advice of the two hardware and software. The report as well establishes the advantages of information and for a company details strategy В– highlighting the importance of aligning such a technique with the overall business plan.


Lanway Corporate Business Systems started trading in 1985 from a small market booth on Burnley market. Advertising games just for the Spectrum range of personal computers (the the majority of popular at that time) this began to develop a regular customer base. The firm continued in this way, until 1991 where the introduction of the laptop or computer led to an alteration in item and business activity.

With the introduction of both fresh hardware and software, Lanway was today in a position to make and sell its PC's. By moving into its premises, the firm was now capable of make considerable profit margins because they build and pre-configuring a small selection of machines. Lanway began to operate with other organizations in year 1994, at which point they were forced to expand both their particular existing building and staff. They also started to diversify, getting into new areas such as social networking technologies, the internet and more dedicated hardware and software.

Lanway currently has a turnover of around 5 million and over 40 staff, both of which are expected to continue in growth. They will manufacture around 200 Computers per week, every single different in model, produce and specification. The company classes itself inside the batch production bracket.

At the moment, the company can be split up into 5 departments. Sales, Accounts, Networking, Repairs and finally Creation or Workshop. The company is completely network using a blend of MicrosoftВ™ and NovellВ™ systems. Individual access to the internet and email is available for all employees. Almost all hardware and software construction work is usually carried out under one building.

Because the company has grown in the way that it features, many of the systems and functions in use have become from a bottom up fashion, as opposed to a more ideal top level approach. First observations would suggest that details management within the firm will not differ from this kind of.

Information Audit

An information audit is definitely the assessment of the information held by a company and of it is information actions. (Australian Taxation Commission 1999).

The purpose of an info audit should be to assess, not only what types and amounts of information a strong may hold, but just how well that meets the needs with the company. Different components of data may already be controlled, including naming conferences or account details, but in most cases firms have little understanding of the relevance, cost or perhaps value in the information that they hold.

As a result in order to make certain that all relevant areas had been covered, an official plan was first drawn up. To make sure that useful conclusions could be sketched, the targets and scope of the taxation were assessed. These included

What kinds of information sources exist

Are they still relevant

Are they at the moment accessible

Do employees find out they are present

Formal documentation was then designed, in order to preserve a consistent idea by every involved. This too included in usefulness from the findings. Finally an analysis of the total findings was carried out, to ensure that all particularite and discordant data could possibly be accounted for. Only then, based on the conclusions were suggestions produced.

After examination of Lanways current...