Essay about Innocense dropped

English 102

Of Chasteness Lost

Purity is a quality that is often taken for granted and abused. In the following three stories, Maggie Atwood's " Stone Mattress”, Tim O'Brien's " The items They Carried” and John Updike's" A& P”, three main protagonists deal with a common theme- regarding innocence misplaced and the consequences of your decisions. Innocence is one of the few points that can be dropped by making one simple decision. Sadly, it is also among the seldom identified things that a person can't get back. We are uninformed of our innocence until all of us realize that it has left all of us behind. In John Updike's " A& P” we all meet Sammy, a nineteen year old opinionated, sarcastic teenager whose younger ignorance and superiority complex becomes shattered by arrival with the three women who enter the A& P to look. His desire to be one of them, accepted by them, leads him to quit his job. The irony of Sammy's sense of superiority is that he knows in the eye of the young ladies he is similar to the sheep that shop shopping. His aspire to set himself apart and prove he could be different is actually causes him to quit his job. Sammy quit his job certainly not on a matter of ideals, but rather as a means of showing off and trying to impress girls, but Sammy's motive runs much deeper than that. He was searching for a sense of personal gain and fulfillment. By taking sides with the young ladies, he briefly rises in the lecture to meet their particular standards and the standards of the upper-class.  Sammy realizes that Queenie originates from this sort of qualifications, a very distinct one via his. Once Queenie has been harassed by Lengel, Sammy sees that " the lady remembers her place, a place from which the crowd that runs the A & P must look very crummy" (Updike). Queenie's friends and family was in your class that he envied, that he admired, that he wanted to get a part of. In resigning Sammy exercises his desire to generate a change, a fresh life with new opportunities beyond those of his limited experiences. In...