Intranets: Invest First, Assess Later? Composition

Intranets: Invest First, Examine Later?

The conventional approach to info systems tasks is to examine potential costs and benefits before choosing whether to build up the system. However for moderate investments in promising new technologies that can offer significant benefits. Companies may decide to do the financial studies after the task is over. Several companies had taken this latter approach in regards to intranet projects initiated ahead of 1997.


Located in Strasburg. Virginia, Judd's is a old-fashioned, family-owned creating company that prints Time magazine, amongst other magazines. Richard Warren. VP pertaining to IS. Pointed out that Judd's " usually waits for technology to prove itself…. Good results . the Internet the rewards seemed so excellent that our decision proved to be a no brainer. ” Judd's first applied internet technology for marketing and sales communications to meet demands expressed by simply customers. After that it started out building intranet of the relevance of these applications to the firm is the band width that helps them. Judd's increased the bandwidth by a magnitude of about 900 percent in the nineties without cost-benefit analysis.

Eli Lilly & Company

A really large pharmaceutical drug company with headquarters in Indianapolis, Eli Lilly includes a proactive attitude toward fresh technologies. It began exploring the potential in the Internet in 1993. Managers soon noticed that, by using intranets, they could reduce a lot of the problems linked to developing applications on a wide selection of hardware platforms and marketing configurations. Because the benefits had been so clear, the regular financial justification method was waived for intranet application development projects. The IS group that helps end user departments develop and maintain intranet applications improved its staff from three to ten employees in 15 weeks.

Needham Online

Needham, a Dallas advertising agency, features offices in several parts of the country. Needham discovered that,...