Itc E-Choupal Analysis Research Paper


ITC's eChoupal initiative deployed technology to re-engineer the process of procurement of soya and other vegetation in rural India. Rather than the conventional watch of re-constructing the failures of the current system, ITC took another type of approach searching at the success of the current system and identifying what they could build on. Besides holding onto the efficient supply string providers within the mandi program, ITC as well created new roles for a few of the inefficient providers to improve the supply string. This taken advantage of ITC as it engaged associates of the existing supply sequence to make their very own expertise available to ITC although preventing it from becoming shared with ITC's competitors. I . t was recognized as a fundamental solution to optimize performance, scalability, and cost towards the traditional choupals, thus it has become 20% in the efforts of ITC's eChoupal business model and it was the main element of the organization model. Technology was used to visualize 2 essential goals in the eChoupal. The first aim is the delivery of current information in addition to the transactions to empower farmers where so when to sell all their crops. The other goal is definitely the facilitation of collaboration among many different parties involved to fulfil the spectrum of farmer demands through an successful communication system deployed by the eChoupal system. For example , internet technology performs a crucial function in the new eChoupal system in taking price breakthrough to the small town level which in turn changed the way of doing business for the farmers. Through the before knowledge of charges that a farmer could get in an ITC link, he could compare the amount paid and revenues, inclusive of transport, and made knowledgeable decision of exactly where to sell his crops at some point. It expense ITC Rs. 170, 1000 (US$3, 762) to set up each choupal when another Rs. 100, 000 ($2, 213) was invested in people, travel, communication, computer software and...