Project intended for Inm Exploration Paper


In the following job we will discuss how TATA ENGINES in a expanding economy like INDIA, is expanding its business in foreign market and at the same time facing threats because of Globalisation in domestic markets through SWOT ANALYSIS.


The Worldwide strategy of TATA ENGINES has been to date to keep community Managers busy in new acquisitions, but they moved a couple of senior Managers from INDIA to INTERNATIONAL marketplace. The major advantage that TATA had with these purchases is to change expertise. Like after the purchase of DAEWOO MOTOR the Indian company discovered work self-control and perfection. Not only this regarding 2/3 with the export in the segment via korea is from Daewoo. TATA MOTORS not only dedicated to new products and expansion, but it also focusing on rigorous management for creating new command for tomorrow. TATA ENGINES successfully bought JAGUAR and LAND ROVER in the worldwide market and both these acquisition are surrounding a good reveal of sum in the revenue of STRUKTUR MOTORS. Furthur with the purchase of stakes in Hispano & Marcopolo & manufacturing of Xenon in Thailand, it is often able to help to make deep inroads in the shuttle bus & pick up truck segments in South east asia, like Malaysia, Thailand, Mayanmar, Brazil, Spain, The ussr. The company has received a successful bijou with Italian mass producer fiat as 2006. It has enhanced the product portfolio to get TATA and FIAT in terms of production and knowledge exchange. For example , the Fiat Templete Style was launched by Orde in 3 years ago, and the corporations have an agreement to build a pick-up targeted at Central and South America. In Domestic industry its dealer in some site are now able to enhance their viability as they are selling two brands both TATA and FIAT in one SET UP. WEAK SPOT

Despite shopping for JAGUAR and LAND ROVER, TATA has not got a foothold in the luxury car market inside the domestic industry of INDIA. Accordingly there is branding...