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Kinetic Engineering Limited (KEL) has established a news in cycling circles having its announcement of introducing the 250 cc cruiser Aquila of Hyosung Motors of Korea. They have generated curiosity and curiosity among cycle enthusiasts in the area. The bike is being marketed as a 'real' cruiser. It truly is fitted with a 250 closed circuit. v-twin, oil-cooled engine with four valves per canister. It has a great output of 26 bhp. with max speed of above 130 kmph. The company is the first to introduce this kind of high-end bicycle in the variety of 250 closed circuit in the Of india market. The bike has been imported since semi-knocked down kits (SKD). The company is usually bearing the 35% transfer duty and offering the bike for a break also price of around Rs. 1 WHILE lakh inside the cities of Mumbai, Delhi. Chandigarh, Pune and Bangalore to start with. With so many compel1ing features, the company could have created a full-scale promo highlighting these kinds of attributes. However , it really wants to go for 1arget marketing instead, and is carrying out a limited direct marketing physical exercise. The company is definitely using this bicycle for a great " graphic building" exercise. Kinetic is well known more because of their mopeds and scooters. The popular brands, Luna and Kinetic Honda, have transformed the two-wheeler market. Right now. Kinetic really wants to make a mark in the booming motorbike segment in which it is even now a small person. The Kinetic motorcycle designs consist of Challenger, Boss, GF 170 and GF 125. Barring Boss, which markets around 10, 000 products per month, the other models have failed to capture an industry share. The organization wants to boost the activity with this segment simply by launching a new model every 1 / 4. A recent kick off was Velocity a mid-sized 125 closed circuit bike. The company wants to be present at every price point. Kinetic programs to use Aquila to change the public's understanding of it by a kid scooter company to a motorcycle company. According to Punit Chaudhry, General Manager - Sales & Marketing, KEL, " Kinetic would like to be reputed for tec1mology, and offer the consumer self confidence. " The...